5 series / 5900 Pressure blowers

5900 Radial Blade pressure blowers.
Sizes: 19-1/4" to 71-1/4" wheel diameters.
Class: 5 HD Maximum.
Performance: over 90,000 cfm and maximum of 70" spwg.
Application: These High Pressure Fans are designed to handle moderate 
volumes of air at high pressure.
Curves and drawing are provided for reference only.
 Selections and final dimensions will be provided by Sheldons Engineering ,
Engineering department at the time of quote or order entry.
Direct contact to engineering dept: engineer@sheldonsengineering.com

Original PXS Bulletin # 953.pdf

Standard Drawing Ref. Only.

Original C Bulletin # 905A.pdf

Original PH Catalogue 950A

Original PH PL C general Bulletin 951 obsolete