D2 series / PVC Bifurcated Axial Fan

Series 2100 PVC Bifurcated Axial Fan.
Sheldons solid PVC Bifurcators were designed to meet
the need for an absolutely non-corrosive fan to handle
the exhaust fumes from chemical laboratory fume cabinets.
With its axial flow arrangement, the Bifurcator is suited
to installation in ductwork with the minimum of elbows or
transitions.The fan can be installed in vertical and
horizontal installations.
This fan is available with Cast Aluminum and various plastic
wheels. The fan can be supplied in single stage or two
stage design.
See pages 14 to 17 of Fume Fan Catalogue # 667B for
more information.



PVC Bifurcator

Fume Fans Catalogue 667B