D2 series / Steel Plate Bifurcated Fans

Steel plate Bifurcated fans are used for exhausting acid fumes , 
steam or  vapours which would have a detrimental effect on the
motor, we furnish Bifurcated Exhaust Fans from 12" size to 54" 
size as standard design,  larger sizes are available as a 
custom design.
With the Bifurcated design the exhausted gas does not contact
the motor or drive belts. Insulated Bifurcated fan are available
to handle gases up 950 DegF , shaft cooling wheels are added
to HOT fans  which should also be protected from personnel
contact by the installing contractor, Welded wire mesh or
Expanded metal cages are available as an option.
These fans can be supplied in Aluminum and Stainless 
Steel with the wheels built of the same material if required.


Steel Plate Bifurcator Data sheet

Steel Plate Bifurcator Bulletin 660