2000 Series Mixed Flow Fan / 2000 Mixed Flow Fan

Sheldons Series 2000 Mixed Flow fans are specifically designed to save space, Compact, Cylindrical construction makes them ideal for inline ducting installation , these fans can be suspended or mounted vertically or horizontally , they are available with arrangement 9 belt drives and arrangement 4 direct drive.

This product is also available as MFC which is a mixed flow fan in an insulated cabinet

Sizes are from 300 ( 9.75" wheel diameter) to size 1800 ( 60" wheel diameter ) constructed of Steel, Stainless Steel or Aluminum to meet AMCA "A","B"or "C" Spark Resistant Construction.

Performance from 300 cfm @ 1/2" sp wg. to 150000 cfm @ 10" sp wg. to AMCA Class 1 to 4 ,can also be Custom built in larger sizes with Abraision Resistant Steel and to AMCA Class 5HD and 6HDX

2000 MF INFO

2000 MF original Brochure

2000 MFC picture

2000 MFC finished unit picture