Series 2000/ Type 1040 Low Pressure Cabinet fan / 2000 Low Pressure Cabinet Fan

2000/ Type 1040 Low Pressure Cabinet Fan.
The Sheldons range of Cabinet Fans were designed to provide
a compact alternative for large volume return air fan applications.
Unit is fabricated of 14ga steel , galvanized or satin coat ( paint lock)
and various stainless steels can be provided, welded construction
used on all models.
Wheels can be FC, BI,AF , ULF or UNF as is appropriate for the
required performance.
All units have externally mounted motors, up to 50 HP can be
mounted on the cabinet, over that size are usually on a base of
concrete or steel
Range from 4000 cfm @ 1/2"spwg to 65000 cfm @ 3"spwg.