6900 square industrial fan / 6900 Square Industrial Fan

6900 Square Body Industrial Fan.
Wheel types, XB,XC,XO&XS are available for material handling and air movement,
the fan can be of Steel,Stainless Steel and Aluminum, and built to AMCA "A","B"&"C"
Fan inlet sizes from 5" to 17" dia. Wheel diameters from 12.25" to 29.625"
Performance range: 500cfm to 12000cfm and static pressures from 1"spwg
to 34" spwg.
Available optional accessories: Inlet Box,Unitary base,inlet and outlet dampers,
access doors,drains,punched flanged inlet and/or outlet,inlet and outlet screens,
osha guards,shaft coolers,extended grease lines(plastic is standard copper and
Stainless steel are optional ) these are some of the available options.

6900 Brochure