1300 PA Brake Fans / 1300 PA Brake Fans

Brake fans or power absorption (PA) fans are used as brakes on various
types of hoist mechanisms. The rate of fall on a hoist can be regulated
with a PA fan to control the descent of a load by using air to absorb
the power of the descending load.
These fans are all constructed to AMCA Class 5 Heavy
Duty standards. All fans are all performance tested.
Sizes range from 9.1" diameter to 27" diameter.
Performance ranges from 1 hp to 600 hp absorbed with
speeds ranging between 2000 and 2800 rpm.
It is generally preferred that the control damper is set 
between 50% and 60% open.
Contact engineering department for selections and prices: 
email: engineer@sheldonsengineering.com

1300 PA Fan application guide

1300 PA arrangement 3 Drawing

1300 PA arrangement 4 Drawing